Sustainable Procurement

The role of sustainability dimensions in the value creation process has attracted considerable interest not just in academic world but also in businesses and government.

The drive to create value in a sustainable way is now an inherent part of  the strategies of companies that aim to achieve high performance while respecting natural resources.

Many organisations have started to implement sustainable procurement systems; however they are rarely integrated into the companies strategies. As a result, the contribution of environmental and social considerations are disconnected from the financial performance.

Sustainability Services

1. Implement Sustainable Procurement Standards (ISO 20400) – We help organisations integrate sustainability into their procurement process.

2. Implement Carbon Emission Calculation Standards – Scope 1 to Scope 3. We assist organisations to implement systems and processes to track, control and report GHG Emissions.

3. Implement Sustainability Balanced Scorecards incorporating Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) related to environment and social dimensions.

4. Human Capital Development – Join our training courses to build capabilities in the area of sustainability. Get ahead of the competition.

We are fully committed on equipping and enabling procurement talent by supporting clients with our range of sustainability services.

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