About Advance SCS

We specialise in providing consultancy services on supply chain management qualifications and competency based learning. Our perspective is global with an integrated approach to address supply chain issues that are  often interdependant.

Advance SCS offers clients a vital competitive edge by combining in-depth industry expertise with the know how to convert solutions into actions. We adopt a strategic approach through a combination of business process improvement, change management, systems and technology to provide solutions that bring tangible value to our clients. Our consultants understand intimately the issues as seen from the standpoint of our clients, and able to share valuable insights gained from hands-on experience in industry as user, product developer and implementor. Additionally, the consultants are certified and recognised by ESG Singapore which enable companies to apply for Enterprise Development Grant (conditions apply).

We have developed a solid reputation as a Centre of Excellence in Supply Chain Training  in providing high impact courses that has benefitted a large number of participants from private, public and government sector. Over the past two decades of our existence, we have worked closely with our clients in designing, setting up & implementing procurement & supply chain frameworks and competencies.

We are the approved centres of Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) USAChartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, UK. as well as SAP Education Partner. We provide training leading to qualifications from these well recognised brand names. Get Ahead of the Competition.

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Message from Center Head

“To establish Centre of Excellence for Supply Chain Management in Singapore and the region”
Mr. Pavan Sharma

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