Achieving Procurement Excellence

Advance SCS offers our clients a vital competitive edge, by combining in-depth industry expertise with the know how to turn solutions into actions. With over two decades of existence, we have developed deep industry knowledge and extensive capabilities to be your partner to transform procurement and supply function.

We are fully committed on equipping and enabling procurement talent by supporting clients with a range of services. Contact us to find more information.

  1. Transforming Your Procurement Process – We examining your procurement and supply management procedures in targeted detail to highlight areas of opportunities for improvements and efficiencies. The output is a well designed Procurement Manual to guide your procurement personnel in the use of procurement processes and tools such that:
  2. the expectations of the Organisation’s procurement policy, agreements and contracts are met as efficiently as possible;
    b. the risks to the Organisation from inappropriate procurement practices and decisions are minimized; and
    c. the right goods and services are acquired with the best Value For Money (VFM) and made available at the right place in a timely manner.

We help you to transform your procurement process to deliver savings and value.

  1. Skills Gap Analysis – Our online tool assesses individuals against procurement competencies that are benchmarked to global standards. This is followed with more in-depth probing to analyse and develop an appropriate competency training framework to bridge knowledge gaps. The output is a comprehensive training and development plan that is designed to help with people development and succession management.
  2. Capability Development – Following the Skills Gap Analysis and development of a Procurement Training Plan, courses are customised to suit each requirement. We have designed a range of options for training keeping into consideration the organisation’s objectives and business environment. You can choose from:
  3. Face to Face training to meet each aspect of procurement requirement.
    b. E-learning to maximise your time management
    c. Blended or Hybrid training that combines the efficiency of face to face training with the flexibility of e-learning to maximise value.
  4. Procurement Audit – Audit is an vital part of an organisation’s procurement function and we provide an independent third party view to ensure that the guiding principles of effective procurement are met.

Study done by Oxford Economics shows training/upskilling is the number one priority of procurement and supply chain practitioners.

Our consultants and auditors will carry out independent, comprehensive assessment and audit of your procurement, contracting and acquisition process to ensure compliance on the Principles of integrity, accountability, fairness, and openness.

The audits are designed to detect and manage out procurement fraud in your organisation and are based on ensuring compliance to the following principles:

  1. Integrity and transparency
    2. Full and open (or adequate, at a minimum) competition
    3. Fair and reasonable prices
    4. Fair and objective evaluation of offers
    5. Using responsible suppliers
    6. Documentation of the acquisition process
  2. Procurement Spend Analytics – Spend Analysis is all about good data quality, right? Most of us would readily agree, but if we dig deeper and ask a few spend analysis practitioners, who have managed to get a hold on their spend data quality, we may be in for a surprise. There is more to spend analysis than just good quality data.

We assist organisations in implementing a successful spend analysis programme that will enable procurement managers to discover and realise savings by:

  • Ascertaining true category spend
  • Identifying strategic sourcing opportunities through demand aggregation and supplier rationalization
  • Identifying expense reduction through increased compliance—in the form of vendor rebates, maverick spend, contract compliance, and budget variance

Advance SCS adopts a strategic and integrated approach, through a combination of business process improvements, with change management, information technology and in-depth industry knowledge, to provide solutions that bring tangible values to our clients.

Our approach consists of the following steps:

  • Examine and understand the business goals.
    The goals must be validated and generally accepted.
  • Detailed analysis of the state of current supply chain activities.
    We must gain thorough understanding of the existing business processes and the key relationships that determine successful performance.
  • Establish the requirements for a modified supply chain system.
    This is generally called business re-engineering and has the sole aim to better achieve the goals.
  • Provide training in the competencies identified in the modified supply chain.
  • Be available to you.
    Whenever you run into a problem, whenever you have a question without the answer, whenever you need guidance…we will be there.