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Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-lead training is a classroom mode as well as virtual live classroom

Course Title
(Excl. Tax)
S4F01 Financial Accounting in SAP S/4 HANA for SAP ERP F1 SGD1834 15-16, Feb 2021 Enrol Now
S4H00 SAP S/4: HANA Overview SGD2751 24 – 26, Feb 2021 Enrol Now
HA100 SAP S/4: HANA Introduction SGD1834 1-2, Feb 2021
16-17, Feb 2021
Enrol Now
AR111 SAP Ariba Sourcing: Creating Events and Managing Projects SGD1834 2 days Enrol Now
S4500 Business Processes in SAP S/4 HANA – Sourcing & Procurement SGD3668 9-12, Feb 2021 Enrol Now
AR121 SAP Ariba Sourcing: Advanced Features Part 2 TBA 15 March 2021 Enrol Now
AR211 SAP Ariba Contracts: Creating Contracts with Enhanced Contract Authoring SGD1834 25-26, March 2021 Enrol Now
AR231 SAP Ariba Contracts: Preparing Main Agreement Templates with Enhanced Contract Authoring TBA 29th March 2021 Enrol Now
AR310 SAP Ariba Supplier Management: Supplier Performance Management Projects SGD1834 6-7, May 2021 Enrol Now
AR320 SAP Ariba Supplier Management: Managing Supplier Information TBA 17th May 2021 Enrol Now
AR330 SAP Ariba Supplier Management: Supplier Lifecycle Management TBA 21st May 2021 Enrol Now
AR510 SAP Ariba Procurement: Buying SGD1834 8-9, April 2021 Enrol Now
AR520 SAP Ariba Procurement: Contract Compliance TBA 16th April 2021 Enrol Now
AR530 SAP Ariba Procurement: Invoicing TBA 28th May 2021 Enrol Now
AR540 SAP Ariba Procurement: Managing and Maintaining Catalogs SGD1834 22-23, April 2021 Enrol Now
AR610 SAP Ariba Procurement: Standalone Catalogs TBA 4th June 2021 Enrol Now
AR710 SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing: System Administration TBA 1 day Enrol Now
AR711 SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing: Workspace Template Administration TBA 22nd March 2021 Enrol Now
AR720 SAP Ariba Procurement: Administration SGD1834 29-30, April 2021 Enrol Now
AR810 SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing and Procurement: Reporting SGD1834 11-12, March 2021 Enrol Now