Advance Supply Chain Training Centre specialises in providing procurement and logistics qualifications and competency based learning. Held throughout the year, these specialized and industry-focused courses equip participants with the competencies required to better manage their organisations.

We have developed a solid reputation as a Centre of Excellence in Supply Chain Training  in providing high impact courses that has benefitted a large number of participants from private, public and government sector. Over the past two decades of our existence, Advance Supply Chain Training Centre has worked closely with clients in designing, setting up & implementing procurement & supply chain frameworks and competencies.

We are the approved centre of Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. We provide training leading to qualifications from these well recognised brand names. Get Ahead of the Competition. Enrol Now.

Study done by Oxford Economics shows training/upskilling is the number one priority of procurement and supply chain practitioners.

Advance Supply Chain Training Centre

Email Advance Supply Chain Training Centre at [email protected] for details on Procurement and Supply competencies. Alternately, you can also fill in your details using the form at the bottom of the page and submit to us. We will get back to you within 1 business day with the information that you require.